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The difference between waste and value lies in the vision

We are an end-to-end recycling and plastic waste management company. We partner corporations in meeting EPR goals, offer a range of recycled PET and Polyolefin products, and innovate technological and environmental-friendly solutions.

Our Philosophy

As a pioneer of recycling processes, our company uses leading-edge technology to create reliable, high-quality materials and bottle-to-bottle solutions that help brand-owners reduce their use of virgin plastic. We are committed to preventing plastic waste entering the environment and supporting circular economy by giving locally sourced plastic waste new life.

At Srichakra, we have championed the cause of transforming waste plastic into reusable materials since 2010.

Our Mission

Revolutionize the recycling industry by creating a shift in plastic waste perception, and partnering MNCs with end-to-end solutions for EPR and sustainability goals.

Our Vision

Be global thought leaders in plastic waste transformation by empowering consumers and corporations to preserve the environment through awareness and sustainable living practices.

Our Journey



Started off as a Private Limited Company by friends with a common goal


Ahead of Time

Production of first rPET Flakes from our automated plant


Winning Accolades

Recognized as the producer of high quality recycled rPET Flakes in India


Going International

Began exporting high quality rPET Flakes to the international market


More To Offer

Expanded our portfolio to include recycled Polyolefin products


Reinventing our Role

Forged strategic supplier relationship with FMCG companies to achieve sustainability targets


Future Forward

Progressing towards commissioning a new facility for rPET SSP (Food Contact Compliant) and Polyolefin odorless granules








Our Recycling Experience


Custom Built Washing Lines and in-house QC Lab


Focus on innovation and R&D


Natural Gas & Ozone-friendly Refrigerants


Working towards ISO, GMP, FDA, OBP & REACH certifications


Global ESG Compliant


Women Employment & Safe Work Conditions

Our Founders

Co-founder & Director

Raj co-founded Srichakra and counsels the company’s sustainability governance and Government relations. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and went on to become a successful Media and Telecommunications entrepreneur for 30 years. He excels in managing distribution networks, business relations, and forging new alliances. Raj is a gentle soul, a keen listener, and an avid reader. He enjoys listening to music and watching classic black-and-white movies.

Co-founder & CEO

He co-founded Srichakra, and as CEO, directs the operations of the company. After acquiring his Mechanical Engineering degree, he spent 30 years successfully managing profit centers in India and South Asia for MNCs. He is also known for his insight and expertise in executing green field projects. Proud to be a workhorse, Ravi enjoys helping people around him and also guiding them to deliver their best at work. He loves to travel, explore new things, and connect with new people.

Srinivas Chakravarthy
Co-founder & Director

Based in Virginia, USA, Srini co-founded Srichakra and directs the company’s business strategy. Starting off with a Mechanical Engineering degree in hand, he went on to become a tech entrepreneur. He possesses 30 years of experience creating and transforming small businesses into successful enterprises. Srini is a passionate volunteer who enjoys working with school kids, and is also a respected community leader. He likes long drives and relishes coffee and time spent in the company of friends.

Chandrasekhar Reddy
Co-founder & Director

As a co-founder of Srichakra, he guides the company’s machine design and development activities. He earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has always been an ardent technology practitioner. He has 30 years of expertise in implementing turnkey projects and owns several manufacturing units across India. Sekhar loves his morning jogs, and is known for his easy-going attitude. While he is a recognized philanthropist, he recently also won a gold medal at the Asian Rowing Competition.

Our Core Team

Head - Business Development
Head - Operations
Head – Information Technology
Vijaysankar Gopu
Head - Application Development
Chief Marketing Officer
Head - Finance

Our Values

Empower Businesses

Our clients can be assured of quality and efficiency as we take the reins on their sustainability goals with end-to-end services.

Respect Our People

We’re made of talented people with varied skillsets and experience. Everyone’s labor is our collective success.

Innovate for the Future

Understanding the evolving business landscape and modernizing our solutions is how we keep ourselves future-ready.

Preserve Our Planet

We’re proud to be in the business of saving landfills and oceans from plastic pollution. Each of us is an environment warrior at work.

Practice Responsibly

We take the utmost care to ensure that business growth is in line with social, environmental and economic guidelines.

Circular Economy Can Transform Our Planet