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Making Recycled Products Look Unbelievably Good

We don’t stop at simply recycling plastic waste. We combine our collective expertise to attain an output that’s applauded in the recycling industry.

Assured Quality

From sophisticated sorting and cleaning processes, exhaustive washing and drying techniques to our in-house QC lab, we’ve engineered our recycled products to be of a high grade that meets our customers’ standards of quality.

Customized Solutions

We believe that service should be thoughtful towards a customer’s needs. Our recycled products range is designed to offer a variety of customizations.

Evolving Technology

We keep ourselves at the helm of innovation. We’ve custom-built our in-house washing lines, are exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for robotic sorting, and are focused on R&D.

Our Products

rPET Flakes

Our in-house custom built washing line transforms post-consumer PET bottles into clean flakes. It is designed to process 4000 Kg/hr throughput.

Packaging Straps
Textile Fiber
PEt Sheet & Film

rPET SSP Granules

We created state-of-the-art processes and quality assurance standards to produce rPET SSP Pellets that can be blended with virgin resin and mimic its performance. The result is Bottle to Bottle and Food Grade rPET pellets that are sustainable, 100% replacement for virgin plastic with equal performance standards.

Beverage Bottles
Food Grade PET Containers

Polyolefin Granules

We create superior quality polyolefin odorless granules to meet the brand owner’s requirements.


Blow Grade
Injection Grade
Extrusion Grade


Blow Grade
Injection Grade
Extrusion Grade


As per requirements


Recycling Solutions

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