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We’re powered by innovation and intention

We support the circular economy of plastic by making it viable to create new, high-quality plastic bottles from waste plastic bottles. We envision creating Food Contact rPET that meets compliance regulations and quality benchmarks.

PET Recycling

We are proud to be India’s first PET Bottle-to-Bottle recycling company and continue to deliver end-to-end solutions that transform post-consumer PET bottles. Our automated process is thorough and compliant with international standards.

Cleaning & Sorting

Bales are deconstructed and the bottles go through a pre-wash, followed by removal of impurities like wood, metal, glass, and other materials. We facilitate automated polymer sorting.


Sophisticated cleaning process with label removal, wet crushing, exhaustive hot wash, rinsing and drying process of flakes, with automatic metal and color sorting for flakes output.

SSP Extrusion

The clean flakes go through technically advanced decontamination process during which they are melted and created into food contact ready rPET pellets.

Recycled Products

PET recycling enables to create new role for used plastics that are usable in beverage bottles, FMCG PET containers, packaging straps, automotive, textile fibers, and more.

Polyolefin Recycling

We offer polyolefin pelletizing services at our manufacturing facility. Our odorless granules are created in a Zero Liquid Discharge facility and checked at our high-end QC lab.


First the mix polymers are separated, followed by removal of impurities such as wood, sand, glass, metal, and other materials.


The next step is removal of labels and grinding the plastic polymers into flakes that undergo a rigorous process of hot wash, drying and packaging.

Extrusion Process

The purified flakes undergo an extrusion process to create high quality, odorless granules ready for application in packaging products.

Recycled Products

Polyolefin recycling gives a new purpose to waste plastics in many forms such as FMCG product containers, pipes and cables, furniture and toys.