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Where The Use of Plastic Ends, Our Work Begins

We offer end-to-end waste management services from collecting post-consumer waste to transforming it into a recycled output that’s on par with industry standards.

Waste Collection Engagements

We utilize multiple channels to ensure maximum capacity for collecting plastic waste and preventing it from reaching landfills and oceans.


Associate directly with local aggregators and ragpicker groups to improve their employment opportunities and earnings by eliminating the middleman.

Community Collection

Engage with collection startups to drive high quantity collections across commercial establishments as well as residentials.

Corporate Partners

Service a wide range of sectors from pharmaceuticals, information technology to electronics and FMCG.


Propel organizations across industries to achieve their EPR goals through our end-to-end waste management services.

Our Path Of Transformation

Build Infrastructure

  • Logistics-driven waste collection system
  • Collection and segregation at source
  • Direct supply channels with ragpickers
  • Technology-driven plastic waste traceability
  • Safe work conditions

Educate & Engage

  • Organize recycling awareness drives
  • Educate schools, societies and corporates
  • Promote engagement through services
  • Use multiple media sources to promote recycling
  • Endeavor to increase plastic waste collection

Create Impact

  • Generate employment throughout the entire waste supply chain
  • Enable recycling in communities and corporate organizations
  • Prevent pollution of oceans and landfills
  • Follow sustainable business practices
  • Create value from plastic waste