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Serving Our Community & Saving Our Planet

At Srichakra, we make it our business to protect our oceans and landfills from plastic pollution, by enabling sustainable business and living practices.

Circular Economy

Supporting the circular economy involves recovery, regeneration and reuse of plastic waste. Our waste management service begins at collecting plastic waste disposed of by companies and residential sites, and ends at transforming used plastic into recycled products.

We Enable Circular Economy

For the Environment

Reduce pollution of landfills and oceans

For Companies

Achieve sustainability goals

For Consumers

Offer high-grade recycled plastic products

For the Future

Innovate towards a green future

Extended Producer Responsibility

We aim to build a technology-driven framework for waste aggregation. We can seamlessly take care of EPR goals while helping corporations to focus on their business targets.

Case Study

Closed Loop Recycling

In order to manage plastic waste created at a paint manufacturing plant, we partnered an Indian multinational paint company to collect post-consumer plastic waste and offer traceability as per EPR mandates. We collaborated with the paint company’s R&D team to produce granules from packaging waste.

Our joint efforts have resulted in approval to use 7% - 20% of recyclate in their paint containers. Additionally this has led to an opportunity to plan their Pan India effort in plastic waste management.

Case Study

Creating Recycling Awareness

As the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative swept across the nation, we joined forces with India’s largest downstream oil company to collect littered plastic waste along with educating the city on the importance of waste segregation. We also took up knowledge sharing to offer support and innovation to their recycling.

Through this collaboration, Srichakra now has a working partnership with their R&D team to develop recyclate for their organization’s marketing channel, and offer products to the oil conglomerate’s existing clientele.


Environmental, Social,and Corporate Governance (ESG)

We believe that business brings true value when alongside profit, it also integrates practices that are mindful of community, government and environment. As recycling pioneers, we work hard to ensure that we meet these responsibilities.


  • Prevent ocean and landfill pollution
  • Eco-friendly processes and products
  • Use renewable energy sources
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Emission control with zero liquid discharge
  • Empower clean-up drives like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan


  • Systemize waste supply chain
  • Empower better earnings for ragpickers
  • Manage environmental and social risks of supply chain
  • Hygienic and safe working environment
  • Ban child labour
  • Equal opportunity hiring and inclusivity
  • Awareness programs / factory visits for schools


  • Responsible corporate governance
  • Global benchmarks of industry best practices
  • Adhere to legal regulations and ethics compliance
  • Timely annual ESG action plans and audit reports
  • Regular communication with stakeholders
  • Create long-lasting value for our investors

Recycling Solutions

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